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Maguire's Insights: Round 20, 2017

Head Coach Michael Maguire has underlined his faith in his playing group ahead of Friday night's clash with the Cronulla Sharks, expecting his Rabbitohs to 'fight for everything' at Southern Cross Group Stadium.

Speaking to the Rabbitohs media team today at the Simply Energy High Performance Centre, 'Madge' spoke about the hardiness of his playing group, the Members and the Club in the face of adversity.

Despite talk that his team have little to play for, the Head Coach is adamant that 'everything matters' in our remaining fixtures.

"At times unfortunately we haven't had things go our way but what is going on inside this team at the moment - there's a lot of special things," said Maguire.

"We have to get out there and fight for everything. We've got to get out there and use every single little bit of it because we want to get our fans out there, we want to be proud as a team.

"It's that stage of the season now where it's going down there and putting everything out there, getting our boys up every play. Everything matters.

"I guess I'm just showing the feeling towards everyone involved in this Club, this Club is a very special Club for everyone involved and the players themselves are very determined so I'm looking forward to Friday."

Maguire has seen glimpses of the quality his squad is able to produce and knows that they can produce a good result against the Sharks if they can string together 80 minutes of consistent, quality football. Pointing to the character of his playing group, the Rabbitohs boss is confident they can do that this Friday.

"It's our job to get out there and do our job the best we can. We're seeing patches of it but this week is an 80 minute game. We've got to go out for that first half flat out and the second half we do it again," said Maguire.

"It's how you react to everything that's going on and I've got a lot of strong characters, I've got a lot of young kids that are experiencing a lot at the moment inside their football careers. At the end of the day we've got to get out there and show everyone exactly what it means to us and we do that by how we go about our game."

With the NRL's Women In League Round taking place this weekend, Maguire expressed his satisfaction with the celebration of women participation in Rugby League.

"It's a huge round. The women in our game are all special in every area," said Maguire.

"From the mums to the partners, girlfriends, everyone involved to all the little kids that run around; to see the girls game grow is enormous for what's going on. The more women that get involved in our game the stronger our game is going to be."

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