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For a new, shiny, goody-two-shoes team like the Gold Coast Titans in 2007, it would only take them 76 minutes to earn their chapter in the Book of Feuds.

Rabbitohs front rower Jaiman Lowe is the protagonist of this tale, with Titans centre Brett Delaney the antagonist, his stray hand leading to a knock-out punch, ten stitches and long-term relationships being strained.

Lowe, a firebrand on the field but a gentleman off it, took a regulation hit up on the left hand side of the field with four minutes remaining in the Rabbitohs' first ever game against the Titans in round 11 at Carrara Stadium. The Rabbitohs were down by six points at the time and were in good attacking position on the field. Tensions were high and the pressure was on.

And the pressure wasn't only on the scoreboard. Lowe felt some uncomfortable pressure to his privates, which saw him see red, and react.

"I'm not 100% sure what possessed him to do it," Lowe said.

"In the aftermath he said his hand was around that area and it was a mistake.

"Thinking about it, I have been grabbed there before accidently, but this was a completely different feeling.

"I don't believe it was a mistake, but I probably overreacted in hindsight. It is what it is, and it's probably typical of the way I was back then. I'd go over the top with things like that."

For anyone that has had a 'squirrel grip' happen to them, they most likely don't see it as an overreaction. However Lowe said it was the way he played and the unnecessary attention to his private region that saw him lash out with the single punch that resulted in ten stitches to the face of Delaney.

"I was a little bit out of control in the way I played, I suppose," Lowe explained.

"I wouldn't say all the time, but it was something I was always working on. It was something that used to work in my favour, but could always turn pretty quick and hurt me.

"I spoke to plenty of coaches before and after that incident. I'm not really like that in general life, so it's probably a bit strange for people that know me well to see me carry on a bit like that back then, but I just felt like I brought aggression to a team and was one of those blokes that tip-toed on the line of what's accepted.

"If I had my time over again I obviously wouldn't have done that. I think, even towards the end of my career, if something like that would have happened I would have had a bit of a giggle at it.

"You get older and smarter.

"I've never reached out to Brett, but I do feel bad about how it all played out and the aftermath of it all.

"I know Jason Taylor, our coach at the time, and Brett had a relationship from when they were at Parra and that was strained a bit after it as well.

"It upset me a lot more than I let on at the time."

You would expect a man with the fiery temperament of Jaiman Lowe to be licking his lips at the prospect of having another crack at the Titans and his new rival in Delaney. However a broken hand put paid to that, something which he sees as a godsend these days for fear of a repeat performance.

"It wasn't that disappointing because I know if I'd played in that game there would have been a lot of talk around it which I wouldn't have been too comfortable with," Lowe said.

"You don't want to be injured and sitting out, but with hindsight now I'm glad I didn't (play) because as I said back then I was pretty erratic and no doubt they would have tried to bait me and I would have done something stupid, not too dissimilar to what happened in the first game.

"I probably wouldn't have learnt my lesson in the second round.

"It was an important time of that year as we were on the verge of the eight for the first time in a long time and we got the win that night which was probably more pleasing."

2007 was a year of transition for the Rabbitohs, seen as a more professional club following the introduction of Russell Crowe and Peter Holmes à Court to the organisation. It was something that opposition players and clubs, such as the fledgling Titans, would try and use against the Rabbitohs to create their truncated version of their Book of Feuds considering their club was only 11 weeks old.

"It was a bit of a buzz (in 2007) because it was Russell and Peter's first year of having the Club," Lowe said.

"They took over half way through 2006 and we had a new coach too in Jason Taylor.

"We got branded with a bit of an 'uppity' tag because the doco came out, we had the Armani suits and there was a bit of flashiness about us.

"I remember throughout the season copping a bit of stick about that sort of stuff from other players and teams.

"That 2007 period was where the Club was on an upward trajectory I suppose."

Jaiman would have the opportunity to fulfill a life-long dream at South Sydney, to play alongside his younger brother Ben. Being the older brother, you expect him to be more mature and to be a soothing influence on his younger brother.

"No, it was the exact opposite," Jaiman said with a laugh.

"He was the calming influence on me a lot of the time, funnily enough.

"I'm supposed to be the older brother and the more mature one but it's never been like that.
"In 2008 he debuted so in 2007 we played a lot at Norths together and he only came down half way through 2007 from the Cowboys.

"He was living with us. It was nice because the year before when I left (the Cowboys) to come to Souths you wondered if we would ever get the chance to play footy together again.

"That's in the back of your mind, so in 2007 when he made the decision to come down we ended up playing a lot of games at Norths together and it was a really good period to be back together as brothers and playing some footy.

"A couple of those games got fiery and he was in my ear to calm down. So he was the calming influence on me most of the time."

It's amazing what one disgraceful act, attacking the nether regions of an opposing player, can do for relations between clubs...and for the Titans club doctor who had to insert ten stitches in the face of Brett Delaney after taking action that will live forever in South Sydney's Book of Feuds.

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