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Life Membership Bestowed On Jim Hatfield And Steve McDermott

Members today unanimously voted for two Life Memberships to be awarded to the South Sydney Members Rugby League Football Club (Member Co.), with Jim Hatfield and Steve McDermott becoming Life Members at today’s (Sunday’s) Annual General Meeting in Redfern.

Steve McDermott played a pivotal role in the establishment of Group 14, a dynamic group of prominent individuals why played a decisive role in returning the Rabbitohs to the elite competition in 2002. Mr McDermott has also held official roles within the Club and has been a corporate supporter of the Rabbitohs.

“As a Board Member, Sponsor, Member and diehard fan, Steve has contributed far beyond the call of duty, and at much personal cost, towards the Rabbitohs’ resurgence,” Chairman Nicholas Pappas said.

“He is always humble about his achievements with the Club, and Steve exemplifies the Rabbitohs spirit.”

Jim Hatfield stood down from the Member Co. Board at today’s meeting and was rewarded for his years of service with Life Membership by the Members.

Jim served on the South Sydney District Rugby League Football Club Board for seven years between 2001 and 2007, was a Director of Member Co. since 2006 and also served on the South Sydney Leagues Club Board until 2014. Mr Hatfield was also a corporate partner and corporate supporter of the Club for well over a decade.

“There are few who can lay claim to a lifetime of commitment and generosity as Jim Hatfield has given to this Club,” Chairman Pappas said.

“From Board level, to grassroots and throughout our district, Jim is one of the recognised faces of our Club in the community.

“He has given his all over many decades of achievement, his family is deeply rooted in the history of our Club, he is a model of sacrifice and modesty, and he is as deserving as anyone of Life Membership.

Chairman Pappas also announced that with the resignation of Mr Hatfield from the Board of Member Co., the Board has filled the casual vacancy with the appointment of Mr Greg Johnson, a well-known supporter and sponsor of the Club.

Mr Johnson has been a Member of the Club since reinstatement in 2002, a fan of the Club since the 1969 Grand Final, and a corporate partner for the past seven years.

On behalf of the Members of the Rabbitohs we congratulate Jim Hatfield and Steve McDermott on their Life Memberships, the highest honour the Club can bestow upon a Member, and we welcome Greg Johnson to the Board of Member Co.

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