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Is this the real Random Souths Guy?

The identity of the Random Souths Guy has been an elusive secret since the dawn of social media but, here at the Rabbitohs, we may have just uncovered the Real Random Souths Guy.

Meet Phil Salter, a 16-year Souths fan who has travelled 96% of the World’s countries and he did it all with just Rabbitohs gear in his bag.

Dobbed in by a long-time friend, Mr Salter was caught donning his best Red and Green materials while travelling 188 countries across the globe.

“When you’re travelling for a long time you need to travel light so I always had a Rabbitohs singlet, a Rabbitohs shirt or Rabbitohs jersey,” said Mr Salter.

“Inevitably if any a photo of me was put up on social media, the photo would contain me wearing South Sydney gear.”


Originally heralding from Brisbane, this Random Souths Guy wasn’t always a diehard Rabbitohs supporter.  But he couldn’t help but get onboard when we were reintroduced into the NRL in 2002.

“I was a Manly fan growing up in Brisbane. When the Broncos thankfully came in I started supporting them but by the time that happened I had been living in Sydney for some time,” Mr Salter said.

“I moved from St Ives to Redfern in 2001 and you couldn’t help but be being swept away by the Rabbitohs community and the fact we were being reinstated into the comp after being kicked out.

“So, like a lot of other people, I got carried away with it all and from there I became a Souths supporter.”


For our well-travelled friend, the 2014 Grand Final was a major highlight and made up for the disappointment of the 2013 semi-final elimination - which he travelled back from the other side of the world to see.

“Obviously the biggest memory is the Grand Final in 2014,” he added. “It was a massive highlight in my life - coming back to Redfern and seeing the streets blocked off and celebrating together.”

However, there is a one game in particular that really reminds him of the time he pledged his allegiance to the South Sydney Rabbitohs.

“I’ll never forget a game where we were playing Brisbane and they were hot favourites, and I still had a bit of Bronco in me at the time,” said Salter.  

“We had the game won but Gordan Tallis produced a one on one strip before sending it out to Brent Tate who scored in the corner to win the game on the buzzer.

“I went home and I tell if you I had a cat it would have been kicked from here to you know where and it was then I realised than I am a full-fledged Souths supporter.”


With only eight countries left to see, Salter’s ultimate goal is almost complete and, despite some destinations difficult to get to, this Random Souths Guy is determined to see it all.

“I’ll see it all, definitely. Someday my South Sydney jersey will have be worn across the world.” 


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