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I’m Really Excited About What’s Ahead: Maguire

Head Coach Michael Maguire looks back on the 2016 season, which he describes as a roller coaster of a year, and anticipates the excitement of the season ahead.

“We’ve set very high standards right throughout the organisation and what we do on the field,” said Maguire.

“At times I guess we hit those and at other times we didn’t but it’s been one season of a big learning experience.

“I’m really looking forward to what’s ahead, to see my leaders and the development of the young kids growing inside many experiences that we had this season and to see them come together the way they did, I’m really excited about what’s ahead."

Maguire is pleased with the back end of the season and how the players performed despite changes to the balance of the team.

“To see players coming in and out of the team through injuries and the balance of the team changing quite often throughout the season, I was really pleased to see that the boys were able to find that at the back end and see some really good performances.

 “I’m really pleased where we are heading into the preseason, obviously we understand it all starts again, there’s going to be new standards set by every organisation and every team and obviously the teams that set the benchmarks and the ones that are still playing now in the finals so we need to look at where we are going to improve.”

View the full interview with Maguire in the video player above.

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