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I’m Not Feeling Any Pressure: Walker

Cody Walker is confident with his efforts in preseason training and is feeling little pressure going into game one on Friday night.

“I’m not feeling any pressure,” said Walker.

“I’m pretty confident in what I’ve done this whole preseason.”

“We’ve been training since November, I can’t wait to get out there on Friday night, it’s about to begin.”

Named to play alongside Luke Kelly for the second time in his career, Walker is confident in Kelly’s experience and ability against the Tigers.

“I played with Luke in 2013 at the East Tigers and he is fairly capable of doing that role and he has played probably more games than me so he is a bit more experienced than me so I’m sure he will do the job.”

Despite being named in the five-eighth jersey in Michael Maguire’s line up, Walker hasn’t given up the challenge to cement and earn his spot for the season.

“I’ve still got to fight for the position, Luke Kelly is a very experienced player as well so I don’t think I’ve cemented that spot yet, I’ve still got to train hard and do everything on the training paddock.

View the full interview with Walker from Wednesday in the video player above. 

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