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I’m Feeling 100% And Ready To Go: Hunt

Hymel Hunt is looking forward to hitting the field tonight for the first game of the season with aspirations of getting to the grand final match and to play consistent footy.

“Hopefully this weekend we get the first W (win), get the first two points and be there in the big dance at the end, make the GF that would be a big dream come true," said Hunt. 

“Obviously just play consistent footy and keep improving, that’s the main thing and as long as we keep winning that’s good enough for me, anything more than that is just a bonus."

After suffering a pectoral injury early on in the 2016 season, Hunt is feeling good leading into round one.

“It’s hard but luckily I have a good staff here and team, especially the boys, they’re always there for me, especially my close friends and family, they are always there for me and if you’ve got a good backing and support like that, you’d be back before you know it. 

“We’ve got a great medical staff here, especially Farah (Eddie) and the rest of the physios. They’ve made us all strong, I’m feeling 100% and ready to go.” 

View the full interview with Hunt in the video player above. 

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