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I Love A Challenge: Murray

Cam Murray is excited and focused on this Friday night as the Rabbitohs take on the defending Premiers in a game in which he hopes the team can prove themselves and take home the win.

“I love a challenge and so do all the boys and what a better way to come back from a loss and prove ourselves against the defending Premiers," said Murray.

With a short turn around to the Round 21 clash, Murray describes the training as less intense but there is a huge focus on the game ahead and aim to not dwell on the past result.

“I guess it’s a short turn around so training won’t be as intense but I’m sure we will get over the loss this week and our full focus will be on Friday night.

“Losing a game at any time of the year is frustrating. There was a lot of frustration and disappointment after the game but there is no time to dwell on the loss and like I said full focus for this week on Friday night.”

With three NRL games to his name, Murray hasn’t been there for many of the losses and understands the frustration his teammates face.

“To be honest, I haven’t been there for a lot of the losses, it was only my third game on the weekend so I’m probably not as used to the frustration that some of the others have been going through especially Madge.”

View the full interview with Murray in the video player above. 

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