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Gus Isn't Your Ordinary Member!

Angus Crichton isn’t the only Gus in Red and Green hailing from country New South Wales! Meet the 5-week old lamb named Gus who’s just become our newest Rabbitohs Pet Member.

It was a tough start to life for Gus when he was outcasted from his flock and left to fend for himself. Luckily, animal lover and Rabbitohs fanatic Jess took in the young lamb and cared for him.

Jess is a proud Rabbitohs Member so it wasn’t long until Gus was signed up for the 2018 season as a Pet Member. Gus is already getting himself amongst it and donning his Red and Green supporter gear whenever he can.

“He’s only about 5 weeks old. We live on a big property and we have a few other animals, but his mother didn’t want him so we hand fed him and raised him,” said Jess.

“His whole family are Members, he doesn’t get a choice. He sleeps on the lounge, he has a bed inside with his own Rabbitohs doona cover.”

Jess and her family come from a town called Wombat in the South West Slopes which is just south of Young, the hometown of Angus Crichton. A fact that made it easy for Jess to decide on a name for her new lamb.

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