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Guest MC: Lilly Lyons

A 2016 Pride of Australia Medallist, Lilly Lyons, an Indigenous young woman has defied the odds to become a teenage crusader and advocate for all young people.

Since starting high school, Lyons has become a junior member of parliament — helping pass a bill to provide more counsellors in schools, joined the NSW Youth Advisory Council, started her own radio show Living Life with Lilly 89.3 2GLF, runs a Facebook support group, is a Save the Children Australia ambassador and mentors for Youth Off the Streets and its Aftercare program.

The Bulldogs are proud to introduce Lilly Lyons as guest MC for NRL Round.

1. What does it mean to you for the NRL to recognise Indigenous Round?

For myself being quite an athletic person participating in various sports, I feel very honoured that not only NRL recognises and acknowledges the Indigenous Round but further appreciates the land they shall kick off on at 7.50 Friday night.

2. Why is Indigenous Round significant to you?

While not knowing about my family background I still have a strong connection to my culture and wish to not only see more events and acknowledgments such as the Indigenous Round take place but play a position in which I'm able to learn and experience new opportunities for myself and others.

3. How were you invited to be guest MC on Friday night?

I am a strong advocate for young people across NSW, involving myself in many events, forums, councils and summits to further gain opportunity. While doing so, I was selected out of a vast majority of students to attend the NRL Indigenous Youth Leadership Summit earlier this year where I experienced many new things and was able to connect with young people from across Australia and New Zealand. I am also an NRL School2Work Program Participant , which is a government sponsored mentoring program focused helping support young Indigenous students into education or employment outcomes. I was then selected, due to my public speaking, to be a guest MC for the Indigenous round on Friday night.

4. What are you looking forward to being involved in Indigenous Round next Friday night?

There are many things that I forward to, but seen as how I'm more of a football girl and tend to keep the ball on the ground, hopefully the experience of an NRL game and witnessing the atmosphere may make me change my mind of my sports that I participate in.

5. You represented the Bulldogs at the NRL Indigenous Youth Leadership Summit earlier in the Year. What were some of the highlights?

It was such a fantastic couple of days to spend with all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students from across Australia and New Zealand. I really enjoyed connecting with other young people and listening to the stories they told. But my greatest memory was the early morning boot camp and boxing sessions where I focused more on the sunrise than my fitness.

6. Tell us a little bit about your radio show, Living Life with Lilly.

At the age of 12 I began my first show on air which broadcasted on 89.3 2GLF, 4 years later and I am still volunteering at the radio station every Thursday afternoon from 4-5 pm. My topics include living life with me which focuses on my schooling, everyday experiences, events and news in my local area and engages with various young people not only over radio but through my Facebook page.

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