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Geddes On The Importance Of Members To Players

Former Rabbitohs stalwart Scott Geddes was on hand at the 2018 Membership shoot at ANZ Stadium, sharing his thoughts on Membership as well as looking back on his 11-years with the Red and Green, and the Club’s new direction.

A one Club player for Souths, Geddes spoke of the commitment of Rabbitohs fans, and the importance of Membership not only at a financial viewpoint, but also its meaning to the players as well.

“Membership is super important. I remember the early days running out here at ANZ and back at the footy stadium when we played there. Back then we didn’t draw huge crowds, we only had 6,000 or 7,000 people but you would see the same faces every single game and for me that was just a great feeling,” Geddes said.

“You’d come off the field and get a pat on the back from the old ladies and the young kids and it was just always an amazing feeling knowing that those guys are with you for the whole season no matter win, lose or draw.”

With a number of young Rabbitohs having stepped up to first grade this year, Geddes reminisced on his time as a youngster when he debuted for the Club in their first year of reinstatement back in 2002, and the excitement and enjoyment that came with it.

“It’s always an exciting thing when you first come into grade. You get to play with legends. Back in the day in my first year I got to play footy with Adam Muir and for me that was just an amazing buzz being around them,” he said.

“I’m sure these young fellas are going through the same thing being around the John Sutton’s and the GI’s and the Sammy Burgess’ and those sort of guys. It was a dream come true for me and I’m sure these fellas are living that dream every single day.”

Having retired after the 2012 season, Geddes has continued his involvement in the sports and exercise industry by setting up his own fitness business in Rabbitohs heartland.

“I own my own business down at Maroubra Beach. We own a gym down there called First Grade Fitness so we do a lot of group fitness, personal training and general gym stuff. My passion is and has always been fitness, getting people strong and fit so that’s what I like to do in my spare time.”

Geddes had one final message for all the dedicated and passionate Members and fans.

“Just get out there and support the boys. It’s important for them to see the same faces every week and know that they’ve got their back.”

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