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Fun And Footy At Cairns Clinic

South Sydney Rabbitohs CEO Blake Solly, CCO Shannon Donato, Jillaroo Renae Kunst, NRL Development, Rabbitohs staff and Roy Asotasi all came together to put on a free footy clinic for the kids of Cairns today (Saturday) at Bentley Park College.

With a wealth of footballing knowledge and resources, almost 100 children were taught footballing and lifestyle skills to help them on their pathway to the NRL.

The excitement around Sunday's fixture and the opportunity to throw the ball around with Roy Asotasi didn't let-up for the whole two hour session - something CEO Blake Solly credits to our hard work in the region over the past five years.

"I think it's fantastic, it's interesting talking to Renae from NRL Development here, how hungry the region is to see more and more of the NRL Clubs," said Solly.

"We know that AFL has invested really heavily here so it's really important that we can support the work that Pat Bailey and Renae do on the ground to make sure the kids can continue to play Rugby League and see a pathway to the NRL.

"It's an important part of coming up here. We've been here five years now and everytime you come back there is more and more people wearing Rabbitohs shirts. I think in a lot of ways we've been able to use those visits to grow our Club and grow Members and fans in the region.

"It's really important that this isn't just 'come here, play a game and get back on the plane', it's about putting some roots in the area and making sure the Rabbitohs are seen in the right light in Cairns."

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