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From Germany With Love

A small package arrived on the doorsteps of Rabbitohs HQ this morning. Inside it was a Bayern Munich Sticker pack, a DVD entitled 'Das Wunder von Bern', a signed card from FC St. Pauli football player Mazingu Sinda-Dinzey and a note from Bernd Stefes, from Germany, to “the best Rugby League Club in Australia”.

Bernd offered a trade: his collection of sporting souvenirs for some Rabbitohs souvenirs. The Rabbitohs are no doubt one of the most recognisable brands in Rugby League, with passionate fans sending in photos of themselves dressed up in Red and Green from all around the globe each year.

From Bernd’s letter it’s encouraging to see this trend continue to spread throughout the world. Hang tight Bernd, because we’re sending you some Rabbitohs loot as a thanks for your support!

Check out the letter;


"Dear Souths,

I am a Rabbitohs supporter from Germany.

Rugby Union is a very small sport over here, while Rugby League is pretty much unknown in this country.

I am from the Rhine area and in the old days, we had the British Rhine army. As a result I regularly watched their BFBS TV station. I was able to watch the Rugby Union 5 Nations and every now and then Rugby League teams such as Wigan and St Helens.

I know of the great split of 1895 in the George Hotel, the Huddersfield “team of all the talents” from just before the Great War that included the great Australian player A.A. Rosenfeld.

Unfortunately, my knowledge of Australian Rugby League is quite limited. But I do know that the Bunnies are the best Rugby League Club in Australia, just like Huddersfield were in the old days in the north of England.

Today I’m writing to you because I’ve got a request; would it be possible for you to send me a small Rabbitoh souvenir? Maybe a DVD or a cap?

In exchange I enclosed a few small German soccer souvenirs with my letter. I hope they’ll be of your interest.

Best wishes, yours faithfully,

Bernd Stefes"


To: Bernd Stefes
Regards: The South Sydney Rabbitohs

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