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Forget The Lucky Rabbit's Foot

People say that a rabbit’s foot can be lucky, but for Hannah Graydon it was a Rabbits jersey that proved to be the ultimate good luck charm.

Hannah and her boyfriend Scott were involved in a terrible car accident coming home from the recent Rabbitohs vs Raiders game, and she attributes her good fortune in not being killed in the accident down to her lucky, and beloved, South Sydney jersey.

“I wanted to share what happened on the way home from the game last Saturday at ANZ,” Hannah wrote in an email to the Club.

“Fortunately (unfortunately) the main victim from Saturday night was my jersey (and our car!). Whilst it didn't bring us luck at the game, I felt as though it certainly brought me luck on the way home.

“My boyfriend Scott and I were driving home to Bronte from watching our beloved Bunnies at ANZ Stadium when we were hit by a drunk driver who sped through the red light at an intersection near Moore Park.

“I remember seeing the car coming towards us from the left as I was on the passenger side, the feeling of the impact, the airbags inflating and hitting me in the chest and then our car coming to a stop. Apparently we spun around three times but neither of us remembers that. 

“We were both able to get out of our car unaided but the adrenaline wore off pretty quick for me and I went into shock collapsing to my knees with pain in my neck and hips. Scott (amazing as per usual) got me to a safe spot on the grass so I could lie down and covered me with a blanket.”

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