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Five reasons you love beating the Roosters

The South Sydney Rabbitohs are just one win away from the big dance!

The final obstacle in our way? Arch rivals the 'Sydney' Roosters.

Let's not mince our words here - we don't like them and they don't like us. Not one bit. 

There isn't one side in the league that we love beating more, especially during the month of September.

But what makes beating the crowd from Bondi so special?

Struggling to put it into words? Well here are five reasons why you love beating the Roosters.


They think they're Sydney but they're just Bondi

Let us not forget that the tricolours are from the eastern suburbs, not all of Sydney.

Adopting the 'Sydney City' tagline during the Super League wars, the Roosters have continued to label themselves as Sydney's team but as a die-hard South Sydney supporter, you won't stand for this.

The so-called 'Sydney' Roosters don't even play games in the east of Sydney but right in South Sydney territory in Moore Park.

It may not change their name but beating them is always gives you a chance to send them a friendly reminder.


You want some Round 22 revenge


The Roosters stole away a win in Round 22 when the teams last faced, and now you want revenge.

A win this weekend would also be the sweetest revenge, with a victory knocking the eastern suburbs team out of the 2018 season, whilst also setting up a chance at glory in the Grand Final next week.

It's all or nothing and you want it all.  


It further reinforces our historical dominance

 South Sydney Rabbitohs Sydney Roosters 
Wins 124  110 
Premierships  21  13 

Every win against them further proves that they are 'forever in our shadow'.

With more wins and more premierships, you realise that watching the downfall of the Roosters at the hands of your beloved Rabbitohs is one of the best things life can offer.  

Despite being around for as long as we have, they still haven't been able to catch up to our 21 premierships.  


You still remember the 2014 Preliminary Final

It feels like an eternity but it was only four years ago, and the memory of the Red and Green powering past the Roosters in 2014 still makes you smile every time you hear the Rabbitohs are playing the chooks.

Remembering how amazing that win has now got you very excited and the thought of Souths triumphing at this stage again has you more fired up than ever.


Because it's the Roosters and a Grand Final is at stake!


This match is rich in history.

Pride, bragging rights and more importantly, a shot at the Premiership is on the line.

Beating our arch rivals at this stage is something you and thousands of Rabbitohs Members and supporters want.

So make sure you get out there and make yourselves heard and help the men in Red and Green send the boys from Bondi packing!


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