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Everyone’s Trying To Get Bigger, Stronger, Fitter: Crichton

Angus Crichton spoke to Rabbitohs Media explaining his enjoyment of preseason and describing the meeting of new players as his favourite part despite the high intensity of training.

“Meeting new guys is one of my favourite parts about preseason,” said Crichton.  

“It helps you take your mind off getting flogged everyday but in the end of the day it’s just a period where you get to better yourself so I think everyone is really buying in this year and we are getting ready for a big year next year.  

“There’s not much more we can give at the moment so if we keep doing that we’ll keep bettering ourselves and that will bring us into our best form when we are coming in to the start of the season.”

Crichton believes that the challenges of a tough preseason are benefitting the team by bringing the players closer together.

“With all your mates around you it’s one way that brings you closer, everyone’s hurting at the same time so it’s something that isn’t enjoyable at the time but when you get back in the sheds, have a shower, have a laugh about it, it’s in the back of your mind and then you are getting better as well,” Crichton said.

Crichton is happy with the new faces and changes around camp, describing the implementation of a different style of training due to the new coaches and high performance staff.

“Yeah lots of different training. We’ve got ‘Devs’ (Paul Devlin), ‘Furnsy’ (David Furner), ‘Seibs’ (Anthony Seibold), ‘Wadeo’ (Jarrod Wade), they are all new faces around the joint and it kind of freshens it up a lot and changes the style of training we are doing, a lot more running on the actual field rather than doing hills and that kind of thing which is my preference so I’m happy with that.”

View the full interview with Crichton in the video player above. 

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