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Everyone’s Pretty Upbeat: Rochow

Although the Christmas period serves as a break for the players, coaches and staff, Robbie Rochow notes the consistent fitness and positive energy displayed by his teammates on their return to the Simply Energy High Performance at Redfern Oval.  

“Everyone’s come back in great shape after the break and we are getting in to a lot more skill related stuff which is always a bit more upbeat than a lot of the conditioning stuff,” said Rochow.

“Everyone’s really positive and some of their skills are getting really good and over the next few weeks we will get more game related and it’s going to get more and more intense so everyone’s pretty upbeat and it’s been good being out on the field with the boys.”

Robbie Rochow explained the Christmas break as a great time to relax and let the body heal before getting back into it for start of the season with his focus aimed on getting as much time out on the field.

“My focus is probably just to get as much time out on the training pitch as much as I can.

“Being new here, I’m working on some combinations and feeling comfortable in different positions so obviously just a lot more football related and just being on the field as much as I can and working with a lot of the halves and hookers here.”

View the full interview with Rochow in the video player above. 

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