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Each Week Is A Challenge: Fuimaono

Tyrell Fuimaono is treating this weekend’s game against the Penrith Panthers like any other week believing each round brings on a challenge that he trains to be ready and prepared for.  

“I think each week is a challenge,” Fuimaono said.

“So that’s the way we are kind of looking at it now and we are preparing our best for anything and having a deep look at ourselves and making sure we are ready for each week.”

Fuimaono says it is important to maintain the momentum against the Panthers who he believes have the same mindset going into the game.

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“Penrith are in a similar position to us and they will definitely have the same kind of mindset coming into this game so we’ve really just got to pull together as a group and see the importance of the game and maintain that momentum.”

Cementing his position in the starting side for the previous five matches, Fuimaono is enjoying his time at the Club and it continuing to better himself to maintain his position.  

“I’m enjoying every week now more and more really.

“I’m getting more minutes now and all I’ve got to do is put my best performance first and let the rest hopefully take care of itself and maintain my position in the team.”

View the full interview with Fuimaono in the video player above. 

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