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Did You Know: The First Jobs Of Your Rabbitohs

They might all be living out their dreams of playing in the NRL now, but for many of your South Sydney Rabbitohs, life as a professional rugby league player was yet to be realised when working their first job.

With players working jobs ranging from paper boys to debt collectors, it is apparent that everyone has to start from somewhere.

How many of the player’s former professions did you know about?


Kirisome Auva'a  Debt collector at Esanda.

George Burgess – Milk round.

Sam Burgess – Paper boy at the local shop.

Thomas Burgess – Milk round.

Jason Clark – Working at a fresh seafood place.

Damien Cook – Paper boy.

Angus Crichton – Working for my dad on the farm.

Bryson Goodwin – Labourer.

Jack Gosiewski – Removalist.

Aaron Gray – Working at SMOOSH vacation care.

Brock Gray – Picking up rocks at my farm.

Brent Greinke – Working at Night Owl.

Hymel Hunt – Labourer.

Greg Inglis – Football player.

Alex Johnston – Teacher’s Aide.

Luke Keary – Maintenance work.

Cameron McInnes – Bartender.

Ed Murphy – Odd jobs on the farm back home with dad.

Zane Musgrove – Working at the night markets.

Dane Nielsen – Rugby League Development Officer.

Michael Oldfield – Paper run.

Adam Reynolds – Working for Leichardt Council.

Patrice Siolo – Kitchen-hand.

John Sutton – Scaffolding.

Siosifa Talakai – Kitchen-hand.

Kyle Turner – Paper boy.

David Tyrrell – Mowing lawns.

Cody Walker – Teacher’s Aide with Titans Learning Centre.

Cheyne Whitelaw – Helping out at a family store in The Rocks Markets. 


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