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Crichton Continuing Rabbitohs Indigenous Connection

The South Sydney Rabbitohs have, for a long time, held a special connection to the Indigenous people of this country and that tradition is being continued today through the incredible work of Angus Crichton.

After a breakout second season for the young second-rower, Crichton went under the knife for post-season surgery. It was only a matter of weeks before he was on a plane to the remote areas of the Northern Territory to spend time the Indigenous communities of the region.

This isn't the first time Angus has used his offseason time to connect with our Indigenous people. It was roughly this time last year that Angus Crichton spent a week in North East Arnham Land to reconnect with mates he made at his school's Indigneous Education Program.

Extremely passionate about our First Nation People, Angus wants to use his status to promote and educate people on our Australian heritage. 

"It was an unreal experience,"said Crichton.

"The people up there and the culture is something I'm really passionate about, it's something that runs deep through my veins and something that I love.

"I think it's something that a lot of Australians don't really know too much about. That's one of my projects for the next couple of months - to try and educate white Australians, to be blank, about our First Nation people."

Angus Crichton documented some of his experiences on his Instagram account during his time in Arnham Land.

"This is Australia's roots, a part of every Aussie's DNA. It's been a pleasure, thank you for having me," said Crichton in an Instagram post. 

Squeezing the most of out his trip, Gussy didn't leave the Northern Territory until the morning of the Red and Green Ball (where he won three awards).

"I just got back this morning (Friday). I got the red-eye from Darwin to come back to the Red and Green Ball," said Crichton.

"When I was up in Gapuwiyak for nine days it was 37℃ every day up there so a bit of a climate change coming back to Sydney."

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