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Competition Is Healthy: Hunt

Hymel Hunt believes the new recruits in our outside backs presents healthy competition in preseason training with each player pushing harder and grasping the opportunity to learn from each other.

“We’ve got a few new young faces, young Jenko (Rob Jennings) and Tyrell (Fuimaono) and Braidon Burns,” described Hunt.

“Competition is healthy, it makes us push harder and right now we are learning off each other and pushing each other to our limits so that’s a good thing.”

With the Christmas break around the corner, Hunt is pleased with the energy around camp and is looking forward to the next step of preseason training in the New Year.

“It’s been going awesome so far, trainings been tough,” said Hunt.

“Devs (Paul Devlin) has got us running up and down the field, we’ve got a lot of good energy and new young faces around here and hopefully we can take this energy into next season.”

With preseason training well underway, Hunt found time to sit down with the Membership team and call the 2017 Members to thank them for their continued support.

“It’s an awesome feeling thanking our fans, we don’t really get to thank them as many times as we would like but the fans are half of the reason why we play besides our family,” explained Hunt. 

“Just to thank them means everything to us cause week in week out they’re the ones supporting us so any chance we can get to thank them, it’s an awesome feeling.”

View the full interview with Hunt in the video player above. 

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