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Colgate & The Rabbitohs improving oral health care across Australia & New Zealand

For seven seasons, Colgate has been improving the oral health care of children across Australia & New Zealand in collaboration with the South Sydney Rabbitohs.

As the South Sydney Rabbitohs Official Oral Hygiene Partner, Colgate works specifically with South Cares to improve the community’s oral health.

These workshops have included regional tours and visits to schools with players, to educate young people about the importance of oral hygiene.

Additional focus areas of their workshops include football activations, information on university scholarship opportunities and Colgate brush packs.

"It's fantastic giving back to the community and teaching kids healthy habits through the Colgate oral care program," said Dentist, Dr Susan Cartwright, Scientific Affairs Manager at Colgate.

"Living a healthy life doesn’t just mean I like to exercise and eat good food. It also includes my personal and oral hygiene. I have always looked after my teeth very well and I am proud to say I have all 32 of my teeth still intact!," said former Rabbitoh, Luke Burgess.

While making a big difference in the South Sydney and regional NSW community alone, Colgate's mission is to improve the world’s oral health through products and education, which aim to establish good habits early.

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