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Brad Fittler Appointed As NSW Blues Coach

The Board of NSW Rugby League is delighted to announce the appointment of Brad Fittler as the coach of the NSW Blues State of Origin team for seasons 2018 and 2019. The decision was made this morning at the monthly NSWRL Board meeting.
In announcing the appointment, the Chairman of the Board, Dr George Peponis OAM, said: "Given the importance of this appointment, the Board has taken the appropriate amount of time to fully consider the issue. A number of highly qualified candidates expressed an interest in the position. I have no doubt that any one of them could have done a great job if the Board had decided to appoint them. Ultimately, the Board was unanimous in the view that Brad Fittler should be appointed to the position.

"Brad's qualifications for the role are impeccable and his standing within the game is pre-eminent. His recent efforts in the Rugby League World Cup with Lebanon serve as a reminder of his talents as a coach and they provide a window into the exciting future which he will bring the NSW State of Origin team."
Chief Executive David Trodden said: "I couldn’t be happier for Freddy with this appointment. In the last few years he has made a massive impression on everyone in the NSWRL with the work he has done with our KARI City Origin team and our Pathways teams. He has achieved outstanding success with these teams and in reality, he has spent those years preparing for the role which he has now been appointed to. NSWRL is in for a great ride and sustained success in the next few years beckons."
No appointments have yet been considered in relation to support staff. In the coming weeks, the Board will consider recommendations as to the appointment of support staff and announcements regarding those positions will be made in the near future.

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