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Ask The Bosses: What They Said

CEO Blake Solly & General Manger Of Football Shane Richardson took time out yesterday (Wednesday) to conduct a live Q&A session on Facebook. Here's what you asked & here's what they answered!



Q: Why when Parramatta decided to let go of Peats did we not pursue recruiting him back? (Rory Lander)

A: At the time we had no room in the salary cap and we're happy with our hooker choices currently of Cook & Farah - Richo.


Q: Hi Shane, just wondering what the situation is regarding Damien Cook's and whether he will be remaining at the club next season? (Zac Haig)

A: Damien Cook has a contract with us for 2017 and will remain with the Club - Richo.


Q: Any chance that you guys could improve the seating area for 3-game members or reintroduce assigned seating? (Paul Shepanski)

A: There is some assigned seating with the Flexi 3 pass this year and overflow seating in the bays near to 109. More information here: - Solly.


Q: Will Cook get to be the starting 9 next season? (Robert Bryant)

A: As Michael Maguire has said continually... It's an open competition for first grade and Robbie will get the same opportunity as him - Richo.


Q: After Perth and Nth Qld home games, a few Thursday night and the odd weekend of not being able to make the game...that doesn't leave too many home games left....apart from the seat locations I'm struggling to see the value of my 2 x diamond season tickets. (David Brittain)

A: We're confident our draw will be better than last season - Solly.


Q: What happened to Return to Redfern? I know it was missed last year for the World Club Challenge, but it fell off the map altogether this year. (Philip Coller)

A: The response over the past two Return To Redferns hasn't been good enough to justify doing it again - Solly.


Q: Why are we a club that relies on developing players unlike most of the other clubs that can recruit talent? (Henry Scantz)

A: We would like to think that we have a balanced approach to recruitment. The opportunity for our juniors coupled with getting the best quality players to the Club - Richo.


Q:  If Farah starts causing trouble as he did at the Tigers will he be sacked? (John Somerville)

A: Every player is under the same rules for code of conduct - Richo.


Q: Any chance of making the QLD members package more appealing? (Blake Henley)

A: The exclusive Members Merch range, the Members Zone were designed to increase value in the package for QLD & WA - Solly.


Q: Just wondering if we will ever see the return of cheerleaders? (Natalie Wilkinson)

A: No plans to bring back cheerleaders. We're looking at other ways to boost atmosphere at our game - Solly.


Q: Hi shane, just wondering if Adam Reynolds contract will be extended beyond next year? (Shane Smith)

A: Yes - Richo.


Q: Has Connor Tracey picked up another knee injury and if so will he be alright for next season? (Peter Mettrick)

A: Connor Tracey unfortunately does require another knee reconstruction. However, by the weekend we should announce a depth replacement for him for next year - Richo.


Q: Hello gentlemen, do we have any idea how long before the 2017 draw will be released? (Michelle Booth)

A: Around mid to late November - Solly.


Q: Been a lot of conjecture about big Zane and contract,what is his situation? (Matt Black)

A: He's contracted for 2017 and we're negotiating with his management for an extension - Richo.


Q: Are there any plans for better half time entertainment for home games? (Ashleigh-Jane McLauclan)

A: Yes, we'll be investing more in our major match days - including half time entertainment - Solly.


Q: Richo, can you provide details around the circumstances that resulted in Nat Butcher joining the Roosters and Emre Guler joining Canberra? (Skip Dixon)

A: We made offers on both players, however from time to time we aren't able to retain players based on our recruitment policies. If you review the number of our own that we've resigned over the years it's substantially higher than most opposition clubs - Richo.


Q: Hi Blake are you enjoying the Rabbitohs? Thanks again for visiting Featherstone before you left the UK. (Kian Mathew Mcvicker)

A: Yes - I'm really enjoying it at the Rabbitohs and it was great to visit Featherstone - Solly.
    We all love Fev - Richo.


Q: Is the recruiting for 2017 finished or can we expect some new signings? (Cameron Bournes)

A: It's near completion but not completed - Richo.


Q: Which interstate games are we hosting? Also are we working on getting Robbie Farah's 250th at Leichhardt? (Andrea Mandadakis)

A: The 250th will be subject to the NRL Draw which we don't control. We'll be playing interstate, subject to the draw, in Cairns and Perth. We'll know when the draw is released in November - Solly.


Q: Are there plans for more members only merchandise like the warm up jerseys? (Philip Cross)

A: Yes, over the coming seasons there will be plenty on offer - Solly.


Q: Are we looking to recruit another prop for 2017? Or will Jamel Hunt/Toby Rudolf be given an opportunity in the NRL squad? (Elias Jamhour)

A: Yes. They will be given an opportunity but we're also looking to recruit another prop - Richo


Q: (Elias Jamhour) Can you confirm if any of the following who are now too old for 20s will be Souths contracted in 2017:

Tevita Cottrell
Latrell Robinson
Toby Rudolf
Jamel Hunt 
Damon Goolagong

A: Rudolf & Goolagong are contracted. Haven't made a decision on Cottrell. Hunt & Robinson are contracted to the North Sydney Bears - Richo.


Q: What is your take on women in league in regards to positions similar to the ones you possess? Do you believe it would be possible to have a woman CEO for the club and the game as a whole? (Isabel Russell)

A: Yes, looking at Raelene Castle & Sally Bolton there's no reason why women can't hold CEO or executive positions in our game. Over 40% of our staff are female and some sit on our executive team already - Solly.


Q: Are we able to play a game in Gosford again? (Marco Sivis)

A: Unlikely to play in Gosford in 2017 but we will consider Gosford for 2018 and beyond - Solly.


Q: Will Dave Tyrrell still be with us next season? Heard plenty of rumours he is set to leave for super league. (Felix Stewart-Matthews)

A: Yes - Richo.


Q: So are you going to continue the trend of taking our home games away from our home? (Ian Hayes)

A: We take those matches away for commercial reasons to make the football team stronger. We understand the issues for Members which is why we've tried to add value to all Membership packages this year. Reciprocal rights, the Member zone, more exclusive events, merch options - Solly.


Q: I would like to see Souths field their own NSW Cup side again - I think this would make our pathways a bit clearer and give fans the opportunity to follow our players not playing NRL a bit closer. If money is the issue then I am sure a couple of sponsors could get on board. (Chris Isouard)

A: We have an excellent relationship with the North Sydney Bears and we intend to continue it - Richo.


Q: What date is Charity Shield in 2017? (Shaun Doyle)

A: 18 or 19 February - Solly.


Q: Do you think you will be signing brilliant young player Tyrone Taukamo? Very impo signing for our club. (Tessa Grady)

A: Watch this space - Richo.


Q: Have we got much room under the cap at this point? (Glen Sweeney)

A: No - but we're not over - Richo.


Q: When does Madges contract end and will we re-sign him as our coach? (Josh Stuart)

A: Madge's contract is until the end of 2017 - Richo.


Q: What game are we looking at hosting at the SFS or SCG in 2017? (Nick Lonergan)

A: Most likely to be Manly, still subject to the NRL draw - Solly.


Q: Who negotiated the purchase of Farah? (Matt Layden)

A: I did - Richo.


Q: Will we have a SCG heritage match this year verses Canterbury? (Marvo Sivis)

A: No, our Canterbury match will be at ANZ - Solly.


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