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All you need to know: Albury

The biggest weekend of the year so far begins this Friday, with the South Sydney Rabbitohs travelling to Albury for their first trial of the year. 

For those looking to get the best experience possible, here is everything you need to know for everything this weekend. 

Friday - High School Visits, Captain’s Run and Fan Signing Session 

There will be plenty of activities in Albury starting on Friday, with a schools visit at Albury High School at 12pm, with special guests Thomas Burgess, Nathan Merritt and Yileen Gordon. 

Venue: Albury High School
Date:  Friday February 15
Time:  12:00pm 
Who:  Thomas Burgess, Nathan Merritt, Yileen Gordon

Following up is the Captain’s Run and Fan Signing Session being at 5:00pm at Albury Sports Ground, where Members and supporters will be able to meet and mingle with their favourite players. 

Venue: Albury Sports Ground
Date: Friday February 15
Time: 5:00pm
Who:  Rabbitohs Playing Squad, Head Coach Wayne Bennett

Saturday - Hospital Visit, Albury Thunder Season Launch, NRL Trial

On Saturday Souths Cares will be going on a visit to Albury Base Hospital, with Burgess, Merritt and Gordon accompanied by Reggie Rabbit from 9am. 

Venue: Albury Base Hospital Visit
Date: Saturday 16 February
Time: 9:00am
Who:  Thomas Burgess, Nathan Merritt, Yileen Gordon, Reggie Rabbit

At 10:45 the quartet will be helping local club Albury Thunder to launch their season, at the appropriately named Albury Thunder Season Launch. 

Venue: Sarvaas Park
Date: Saturday 16 February
Time: 10:45am
Who: Thomas Burgess, Nathan Merritt, Yileen Gordon, Reggie Rabbit

The Game

There will be three games for Rabbitohs Members and supporters to enjoy, throughout the day, with the NRL trial vs Riverina kicking off at 6:00pm.

Gates will open at 12:30pm, with the first game to be played between the Riverina and Victoria Womens’ side kicking off at 1:30, followed by the Riverina Under 23s taking on the Melbourne Storm Under 20s at 3:00pm. 

Venue Albury Sports Ground
Date February 16
Gates Open 12:30pm
Riverina vs Victoria (Womens) 1:30pm
Riverina Under 23s vs Melbourne Storm Under 20s 3:00pm
South Sydney Rabbitohs vs Combined Riverina  6:00pm

The Players

There will be both familiar and new faces in the Cardinal and Myrtle this Saturday, with Kyle Turner to make his debut as captain of the Club. 

New recruits Corey Allan, Cory Denniss, Bayley Sironen, Kurt Dillon, Jack Johns and Rhys Kennedy will make their first appearances for the Club, while NRL players Campbell Graham and Mawene Hiroti will also feature. 

The full team can be viewed here

Listen to the action

For those who cannot attend the match, fear not - as radio station 2AY will be broadcasting a live call of the game. 

You can either download the 2AY app here for Android or iPhone 
Or listen to the game on the web here



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