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A Member’s Perspective – Round 14, 2016

"Attention passengers of Flight 2016SSFC. We are experiencing some unexpected turbulence. While we fly out of Perth and into Sydney this will be the case until we land. Please fasten your seat belts."

That about sums up last week in Perth for me. We were up and down, bit rough at times, but brilliant at others. We looked like taking it out and then in the blink of an eye we hit another rough patch and just couldn’t come home with the points.

Golden point is always a nail biter, but to think 'we've got this' and then have it torn away from us was not much fun. But the good thing about sport is you get another shot at it the next weekend.

So as we fly into ANZ Stadium the Tigers will be heading into a Rabbitohs home game, despite the draw saying we are the away team. They have Tedesco at fullback, a great player with the ball in his hands, but have you seen Cody walker? This guy can bring the goods. He is slippery, yet clever. So as long as we hold onto the ball, we may be blessed with a Walker spectacular.

Basically, we need competition points. We are teetering on the edge of the top eight far too much for my liking so this is the game to stand up.

It’s time for us in the stands to ‘believe’ again.

Well guess what Rabbitohs... I believe! I believe we will soon see more wins than losses. I believe our players will light the fire again and find form in the business end to give us what we are all willing for.

It is only a matter of time before this year’s team hit their straps and gel 100%. And we all know turbulence doesn't last forever, so once those skies clear it will be game on. We are on the up. You just have to dig deep because all the tools are there. The structures are solid and the foundations are second to none.

We just need to come together and BELIEVE.

Blue skies ahead! Up the mighty Rabbitohs!!! 

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