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A Members Perspective – Rep Round, 2017

Booing. Can someone tell me what booing your own team achieves? Other than letting off steam, I can only see issues.

I put myself in the players' shoes when being booed and my head drops. It doesn't lift me, it doesn't make me want to work harder and it doesn't make me want to play for the people booing me.

I wouldn't feel permitted to take the good if I couldn't take the bad with it. Lets face it - we are not where we want to be - last week's game was pretty disappointing after our fabulous effort against Brisbane but sometimes the good things are worth waiting for (2014, anyone?).

That's my spray for the moment, my head is staying high!

This weekend I get to look at some of my Rabbitohs take the field in rep matches. Turner, Cook, Walker, Cam Murray, the Burgess boys and Talakai.

It's pretty exciting to see the first three don the Country jersey. Some people think City/Country is a non-event, but they forget how important this game is behind-the-scenes.

Experience and knowledge is invaluable and mixing with other top players Rugby League will give our boys an opportunity to add another level to their game.

Walker without a doubt deserves this chance. He has been a shining light for us this year. He has ability to create a spark. He provides our X-factor and is as slippery to a defensive line as they come.

Cook is a man who stands out to me, he has speed and his forward thinking is starting to flourish with the more time he sees on field. He is already one of the better hookers out there, he has a chance to become a formidable force on the field in years to come.

Turner's selection is nothing short of awesome. To see where he had to come from just to get back on the field and now he's in the game that could lead to an Origin appearance; I really hope he has a blinder. Especially being the last City/Country game, as a Coast girl, I hope Country kick some serious City slickers and take the trophy from the last game home.

While the rest of the team have a break I hope they reflect on the past two games. We have the ability to take on any team that fronts us, they just need to believe it. I'll remain patient, true and passionate no matter if we win or lose.

The Rabbitohs are responsible for some of the most amazing times of my life and there is no way I would ever disrespect that. I am sure there will be many, many more amazing times to come.

For now, we just need to get around these speed humps and stick solid.

Up the Mighty Rabbitohs!

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