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A Members Perspective – Rd 7, 2017

Did you see it? I did! The bells were ringing and we saw glimpses of our best produced against the Panthers. Sam Burgess and his try brought back memories, Walkers' show and go to set up a quick, surprise four-pointer and that boot of Reynolds' scoring the solo point to win it in the dying seconds.

It was exciting and entertaining! Just what we were after!

There is still room for improvement - which will always be the case - but gee it gave us strength and confidence. Every win is a step in the right direction and a little more spring in the step.

It's a tough season, all the teams are decent. I mean St George are coming first... hello!

If we gradually lift and get better at a steady pace then you never know what we can achieve! It was a nice little win against Penrith - can we get another against the Dogs? The team that more recently has become one I don't like too much (well not at all really).

Let's lift again and not let them get one on us. Especially for the Good Friday match, usually a big crowd with lots of passion. Walking out at the end with a win is far nicer than dodging the Bulldog fans after a loss.

And we have to catch up to St George on the table... hello!!!

The halves battle will be a good one in this game with Mbye/Reynolds against Walker/Reynolds. Walker has been incredible - just look at his stats! Try assists, line breaks and tackle breaks are his strengths and he is looking the goods right now!

It's the battle of Aiden Tolman, James Graham and Greg Eastwood vs George Burgess, Kyle Turner and Sam Burgess that I am looking forward to.

On paper the Dogs look formidable but in the flesh they've been ordinary. Don't be fooled; if there was a game for them to lift, this would be it. Although... it is Easter, and we are the Bunnies! We don't take losing to the Dogs well.

On the other hand, if there was a time for us to lift it would be this game. I think we are in for an electric game! It will have aggression and passion!

And both teams will be looking to catch St George. Did I mention they are coming first? Hello!!! That is just not on!

Grab yourself an Easter egg, pop on your colours and strap yourself in for this on. This will separate the boys from the men!

If there was a time to put a leash on the dogs then this is it.

Up the Mighty Rabbitohs!

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