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A Members Perspective – Rd 5, 2017

Is it just me or was last week’s game against the Roosters one of the most forgettable?

Not only did the Chooks get one on us but the game itself didn’t give much to talk about. We had a lot of ball but nothing came of it. Were the Roosters strong in defence or did we have shoddy attack?

I am scratching my head on that one because I know we have attack but last week we just couldn’t prove that!

I found going to the game last week an eye opener. When we were reinstated to the NRL and for about a decade onwards the games were extremely different for me. A Roosters clash would see me having the entire day off work, finding a pub, wetting the whistle while watching the pub fill with Red and Green fans and then marching to wherever we were playing.

Then I had children.

My seven month old came with us last week for her first game. The priorities were to keep the girls from getting wet and see Reggie! By the way, everything did get wet while greeting Reggie… except the whistle!

There are many other stories around the ground of how people enjoy game day but the common denominator last Thursday was how it hurt all of us losing that game. It is never acceptable seeing the Roosters win, as the saying goes 'we follow two teams, the Rabbitohs and whoever plays the Roosters'.

We need to make up for this in a massive way and there’s no better way than to beat the Cowboys in North Queensland. Cyclone Debbie brushed Townsville and went easier on them than their neighbours so I am hoping that our Rabbitohs make up for this!

We need to come down hard and capitalise whenever we can! A few of their big guns, Taumalolo and Coote, are taking their place back in the line-up so we need to step up.

We have had a few games in the past where the Cowboys have come out of the blocks and put a lot of early points on us, so we need to be sure we don't have to play catch up this week.

They also had a few fast tries scored against them last week and they will have been wrapped over the knuckles for that, so we need to be strong in the back half right up until the siren!

I am not really prepared for an up and down season. Last year we did not produce our potential so this year it's games like this that we need to get right. I do not want a long off season! It doesn’t matter how you enjoy a game; whether you like a few ales, do the family thing, fly solo, watch from the lounge, from a corporate box or sit with your poncho in the rain, you all want what I do!

So cross your fingers, get your voice on and show your colours so we see Slammin’ Sam break the pack to march up field.

Witness our general Reynolds perform his pin point kicks for our young, fresh, enthusiastic outside finishers.

See Cody slip through defence with flare while Johnston backs him up searching for that four pointer.

Although this week a lot of us will not have the chance to be at the ground, I hope those that take to the skies to get amongst it in North Queensland bring their big voices because although it is a long season, we do not want to play catch up.

So show those boys you are there and enjoy the experience!

I know for a fact that the Townsville trip was one of my favorites (especially when we win)!

Go get’em! Up the Mighty Rabbitohs. 

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