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A Members Perspective – Rd 4, 2017

That’s what I’m talking about! Aggression, passion and hunger - The best mix to win a game of footy!

The only thing I would change is a few less suspensions! I don’t think Newcastle thought we would bring it like that. Knowing this was a danger game meant that Madge made the boys bring their top gear.

Seeing tries scored all over the field was encouraging to me. As I said last week, we have a number of play options in Farah, Walker and Reynolds but furthermore, we have finishers.

Goodwin, Burns and Johnston showing passes that stick and plays that flow. I am sure that given a little more time these connections will flourish and we will see more points sitting on the ‘for’ rather than the ‘against’.

This week it’s Red and Green in one corner verse our biggest rivals, the Roosters, in the other.

Last year we played the Roosters early in the year and came away beaten and battered thanks to Dylan Napa. The tall red head almost became a house hold name just from that performance, I know many people put him in their fantasy teams just on that game. If we can bring last week’s level of play with enough level headedness then we can stop Napa and his mates in their tracks.

They have had a strong start to the season and are sitting above us on the table and that is just not good enough. We cannot let them get away from us.

Tomorrow we cannot let their halves beat ours! Keary will be looking to step up against us and with his partner in crime Pearce and they will be dangerous. Reynolds and the man who took Keary’s jersey - Cody Walker - will be ready. Well, they better be!

 If the forwards get good field position then expect some fireworks from the halves at both ends of the field. Walker has been slippery, smart and solid so far this year and our stand out last year, so I have all the faith that he will rain on Keary’s parade.

We all know we hate the Roosters. It’s a very strong word to use, I know, but a loss against these guys hurts and a win is so much sweeter.

We have had so many close games; losing in the dying seconds then a few weeks later winning in the dying seconds in the most spectacular ways.

There is always something memorable that comes from a clash against the Roosters, good or bad it makes being a Rabbitohs fan much more entertaining.

My nerves are already lifting just writing this and so is my adrenalin. This is the kind of game that brings the Rabbitohs community together and thickens the rivalry.

The Roosters have a good line up and should be treated with respect. If we maintain a level head we have every chance of putting one up on these guys.

As I said: we have the playmakers, we have the finishers and going off last week’s game we have the hunge.

Now all we need is to bring home the two points and put another tally up on the latte lovers from the East.

Bring the noise Rabbits! Up the Mighty Rabbitohs!

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