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A Members Perspective – Rd 3, 2017

Our season has officially started, Rabbitohs… What a win!

After 17 minutes I bet you were thinking ‘oh no not again’ but then BOOM we hit our straps and like a genie being released from its bottle, we brought the magic!

Two Robbies had a ball on the field. Farah and Jennings showed pizzazz and flair. Both scored tries and had a hand in others.

After the slow start I became impressed with Farah and his speed, it reminded me of Issac Luke with his control and surprise. The grubber kick he put through for Johnston proved deadly to Manly and having a third option on field to process a play makes me confident - especially when Cody Walker is on fire!

Cody was far more settled and assertive this week with Reynolds back. I am praying that these two stay fit this season because I am looking forward to what they can create together. If Cook gets more time then gee whiz we have ability… and speed! I would love nothing more than to see a bit of energy and vitality this season.

Looking at our 21 man list it is clear that we have a lot of young, big forwards who are eager and are competing with the Burgess twins, Clark and Tyrrell.

This can only be good.

I like to see our boys fight for their places and keep them because they deserve them. This should result in less mistakes and getting the basics right which in turn will bring out the best in all our guys. We all know that last year we had far too many errors, so let’s hope this competition puts us on the right side of the stats!

Newcastle: They had their first win in quite some time last weekend against a Titans side who can’t find their groove. Never, ever let this fool you. Newcastle have now tasted how sweet a win can be and will be looking for another.

We saw such improvement last week it would be a shame to take a step back. I feel bad for Newcastle but that doesn’t mean I want my team to lose to them. If we play like we did last week then this could be a chance at improving our points for and against. There are a lot of strong teams this year and we need to make sure we have the right weight to charge into the finals… Yep, I am looking at them already, our off season was way too long!

So, this weekend, I want to see tries! I want to see speed and I want to see the two points brought back down the M1.

I hope Cody continues to thrive with Reynolds by his side I hope our big boys bring it with metres, metres and more metres. I want to see those young outside backs finish with flair.

I am not asking much am I?

I am keen for a good season and truly believe we are heading the right way for success. We lost a lot of players since the 2014 Premiership and I feel we are finding our feet again. We flew under the radar in the pre-season and have a great balance of senior plays and young guns.

It’s a long season so I am going to step back a little and focus on Saturday night.

We’ve got this! Newcastle may be rejoicing last week’s victory but the Bunnies are looking for much more.

Ain’t no Novocastrian gonna rain on our parade. Up the Mighty Rabbitohs!

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