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A Member’s Perspective – Rd 24 2016

These last two weeks have been lovely. We have hit our straps, found our spark and we’re seeing what we knew we always had. A completion rate of 88% was just fab!

When you see a score board with Alex Johnston's name on it you feel a little warm and fuzzy inside. He was a 'try a game' man before this season. The Reynolds kicking game shone through against the Warriors and our finishers were on song. Reyno's stats were of an 80 minute performance but he left the field early... pretty good if you ask me.

All Burgii played to their potential, even our Joe... his acrobatics were exuberant. We even got to see the Goanna! All in all the game was a delight and knowing our song was the song being sung in the sheds was so satisfying. We still have what it takes.

A little away from the field though, do you remember how I said a few weeks back that footy is more than the 80 on field? Well I have a little something that articulates this perfectly.

Beryl Monahan, aged 94, left us this week. She left our Red and Green community with a heavy heart but a chain of people connected to her via our beloved Rabbitoh world.

This beautiful lady travelled with her family far and wide to watch the Rabbitohs with her daughter, granddaughter and more recently great granddaughter in tow.

What amazed me the most about her though is being 94, she spent almost half of her life waiting patiently for 2014 to arrive. When I say patiently, I really mean it. She was never negative. Never cranky at a loss, never put off by an average performance. Instead, with her family and all the links of this chain that held her with the biggest loop at the top, she kept on keeping on. Nothing would ever sway her love for the Rabbitohs.

Now, she was very lucky to have seen some pretty amazing times, but to have waited, and waited as patiently as she did, to be rewarded with 2014 must have been pretty bloody fantastic for her.

It is a Member like this who is more valuable than any player, any score board, any trophy. It is a Member like this who creates and builds an empire of passion and leaves a legacy that is full of pride. Beryl will be missed greatly, but remembered eternally.

So, the question is, do I, do you, have the patience that Beryl had? I sure hope so, because I want my own red and green empire. I want my loved ones to understand what South Sydney means and I want it to go on and on and on. If I can achieve an ounce of what she has with her family for our South Sydney world I will be one very proud lady.

Let’s go out there and put in another great performance against Cronulla. If not for pride, then for all of the patient, passionate fans out there. We are the mighty, mighty Rabbitohs. Passion, pride and history!

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