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A Member’s Perspective – Rd 22 vs Storm

Well our season is going to finish a little earlier than we’ve become accustomed to, but that doesn’t mean that our season is over by any means.

I am not quite ready to shut shop this season... and do you know why?

Because this wonderful sport we love is not only about what we see on the field.

My three-year-old daughter left ANZ Stadium on Sunday singing “South Sydney clap clap clap.”

She had a ball.

She didn’t care that we lost.

She was just excited to be there, seeing Reggie Rabbit, screaming “Let’s go Rabbitohs” and just being out in the fresh air with her family.

Face painted, waving her flag and donning her colours.

This wonderful sport; better yet, this wonderful team; we have brings family together and win or lose that is invaluable.

So it’s a catch 22.

We have had a tough season, but footy is more than the 80 minutes on field.

So while I’m upset that our boys are not pulling a rabbit from a hat on the scoreboard, I still love what South Sydney means and I have every faith that our boys, and the coaching staff, are working hard in the background to level up these two sides to the sport we love.

Next week won’t be easy.

Melbourne are on track for a Grand final appearance, and boy are they flying under the radar to get there.

They won’t want to let us spoil their party, but if we hold the ball, we get repeat sets and show the Members and fans that we still have it, then we’re as good a chance as any.

Always cheering, always believing and always loving the Mighty Rabbitohs.

We will claw our way out.

When Cardinal and Myrtle are side by side the only thing we stand by is NEVER SAY DIE!

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