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A Member’s Perspective – Rd 20, 2016

This year has frustrating, we all know that.  We all feel that we’re a team that should have won more games but we just can’t get our hands on two points. It is frustrating to the max because we know we have the goods, we are just lacking something.

Don’t lose heart though, it’s the back end of the season and there is nothing worse than the off season. No Friday night footy, no tipping comps, no fantasy leagues, no banter in the work place. So let’s not shut up shop just yet. Our boys are doing everything in their power to mend the season and end on a high so I think us Members and fans should also. It’s still possible to make the eight, after all.

We may need to step it up majorly, but if you have belief, you have a chance.

We have some tough games ahead but we also have some that we know we can win.

We have to take a positive attitude into this Monday for example. Manly at Allianz.

One of their players has come out and said he going to single-handedly take on the Burgess boys. Now if that is not enough to fire our big fellas up then I am at a loss. The response to him should be a big fat ' NO CHANCE' and I’m confident that will be the case.

We have had enough losses now. We have handed out our fair share of two pointers, so upon our return to our old home, we need to about face and give the red and green the success, passion and respect it deserves.

I don’t care if it’s a tough slog, a close game, even a golden pointer, I just want the two points. I want something to cheer for and some satisfaction in this topsy-turvy season.

Can you feel it? The joys of a win? Can you hear it? Glory Glory across the ground?

I sure can and I sure will.

Bring it on ladies and gents. Up the Mighty Rabbitohs! 

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