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A Members Perspective – Rd 2, 2017

Round one… Wasn’t what we thought it would be, was it?

My bias thought we had it in the bag. I honestly thought we would pummel the Tiger. Upon reflection, games against them are always interesting, surprising and hard to pick. I remember at one stage a few years back we would beat them by 40 and then the next time we met they would flog us by 40.

 Round one was not a very good indication of what we will witness this year. I am sure they lifted for the match against Robbie. So for me, round one goes into the memory bank of ‘forget about it!’.

The promising thing: when we were on we had good attacking combinations, even with Reynolds off the field. You could see the plays work – Disappointingly, these were only glimpses. Instead of letting that bother me, I am actually pretty interested to see these guys and their combinations flourish in weeks to come.

I am hoping that we show up against Manly. Having the Tigers get one up on us sucks but Manly is another story. I prefer not to start the year with two losses, with one being the Silvertails.

Manly ended our season last year with a controversial bunker decision. We did beat them at Brookie last year, so how ‘bout we do it again? Remembering the 18 points in 16 minutes last year brings a smile to my face. We know we have it in us, if our combinations stand up and our defence strengthens then we can beat anyone on our day.

I do need to touch on the Inglis issue, it’s a gut wrenching loss. I will miss him on the field this year and my 4 year old daughter even more so. However; young, enthusiastic players sometimes surprise in Rugby League. I remember when the Tigers won the premiership in 2005: Every week of the finals they were written off, but they had hunger.

If you are hungry you will do anything. In 2014 a young, inexperienced Apisai Koroisau took the field in the hookers role in the Grand Final and fooled everyone into thinking he had been around for years. He was bright eyed, enthusiastic and hungry… most teams that lose such a player like Issac Luke for a game like that would usually suffer, but Api showed hunger and the rest was history.

We have a line of young pups looking for a feed. With Inglis sidelined the opportunity for our young guns gets me excited for what comes next.

The NRL keep telling us that we are watching history be made. Rabbitohs, I am hoping 2017 is the good kind of history for us. I would love nothing more than to see us in on the big stage again.

Yep, it took us a long time to get there the first time. I don’t want to wait that long again. Crowd numbers were down in round one – likely due to the rain - but I am hoping we have a large turnout at Brookie… although you need a passport to get out to the Northen beaches these days.

I love it when we swamp their hill with Red and Green. Looking to Saturday I’ve got fingers, toes and everything crossed that we just had a rusty start and needed a little oil, a tweak here and there and a kick start.

Weekends are better with footy in them, better yet, when the Mighty Red and Green are winning.

Let’s go and get them bunnies! Up the Mighty Rabbitohs!

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