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A Members Perspective – Rd 18, 2017

After a few weeks of ordinary footy I started to think; am I just a propaganda writer? I was worried that maybe I didn't really know my team. But they dug a little deeper, found their place and produced an effort like last week’s against Penrith. I know I say “I believe” a lot but I really do. Now I’m hoping our boys back it up.

If there was a hashtag of the week it should be #backitup. Because if there was any time to do it it’s now against the Roosters, our nemesis, our arch rivals, the team we love to hate. If we are to make a late charge up the ladder this season then this is the game. No two ways about it: #backitup.

But back to Penrith. Wasn’t it wonderful seeing our boys lift? Adam Reynolds found his boot and gave it a thrashing. See a gap, kick it there and we score a try. He made it look so easy.

Dave Tyrell gave his haters absolutely nothing to hate while Sam Burgess attacked from out wide, making sure the opposition were always in two minds, he truly is a soldier. I felt that he gave us a lot of confidence and power on a wider scale. Madge may be thinking a little out of the box, but do you know what, if his tactics like that work then he can have the team doing Mighty Ducks tricks for all I care!

Let’s not forget the five try maestro Alex Johnston. What a star! He brought the entertainment back to our season and for that I thank him. What a wonderful game to watch and just enough ‘oomph’ to spark a fight for finals footy!

Missing the finals last year really did suck. The off season is a long one without the Red and Green in the big games. We need to charge ahead and with the Roosters trying to knock us back down this will be an interesting game to watch.

The Roosters are 4th with four teams right on their tail. They will be thinking about that top four finish, and really, it would be our pleasure to make that harder for them.

With glimpses of 2014 last week and clear signs that our boys are up for the fight I am looking forward to what they can produce. Although, I would have loved to have seen the current NSW half against the one who should be the NSW half I’m glad they are a little depleted. Their nerves must be shot from the Sharks smashing them.

With our team at full strength, coming off such a win, we can really capitalise off this. We will need to win a lot of games from here on in but if we steady the ship we can do anything.

I love seeing the Red and Green win and I love it when Madge has a smile on his face in the box. So let’s #backitup boys... we have some finals to lock in. Go get those measly Roosters!

Up the Mighty Rabbitohs!

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