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A Members Perspective – Rd 14, 2017

Have you had a look at the ladder lately? How did we get down there? I find it really hard to believe. I can not fathom that our team has drifted so far out. It is like we are a mixed up rubic cube and someone is busy trying to line the colours up correctly. But damn it is tough.

Why? We have bloody good players and we know they can rip it up on the field but it's just not happening. It's tough when the other teams circle us every time we blood a good, young player. Like vultures; they just sit back until they can go for the kill. But that's not entirely the reason for the 2017 form.

I don't care to go into that. I like to remain positive! We hit our straps late last year, we can start a little earlier this year and go for a finals finish.

Being a Rabbitohs Member is a funny thing. At the moment I am preparing to move house. Every weekend has been packing and cleaning and painting. Even though we have been ordinary on field, we still plan our weekends around a game.

Rabbitohs Members seem to plan life around games. I remember when I was in my early 20s, living on the Coast, my mates knew they only had me around for half the year. They knew where I would be the other half because the Rabbitohs were playing (back then we only won once in a blue moon!). If a game was on I was watching.

As much as losing sucks, it doesn't really matter. Losing doesn't waver passion. Nor does a drop ball or a silly penalty. Sure it may frustrate, but the passion stays. Whether in form of anger, sadness, excitement or happiness... it's all passion.

I am guessing playing Brisbane will bring out a lot of anxious passion. We know we can win but we need to be on our game. It's the kind of game you step up for and I know our fans in Brisbane are pretty bloody loyal (and loud!). I know the boys will feel at home.

This is it really. Now or never. I am hoping with all my might that this is our turnaround game. Snapping a win at Suncorp is few and far between. It would put our confidence right up!

My passion will get me cranky when we drop the ball, but it will also show excitment when we make a bustling run. It will make me bite my nails at the same time as it makes me jump for joy.

Let's go and get them! Friday night footy with the two Friday night teams. Bring two points back for us hey boys?

Up the Mighty Rabbitohs! 

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