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A Members Perspective – Rd 11, 2017

Our boys have us on a roller coaster this season. One week we think we can take on the world and the next we simply blow it. It's getting to the time where we need to make a decision... Which way do we want to go?

I prefer to be riding the wave rather than crashing into the sand. Do you think this was the win to properly set us straight? I might whisper it this week; I have faith. I don't want the others to hear too loudly because we have the Storm this week. 

We need to use this game to our advantage. It's a mighty clash with many players vying for Origin jumpers so mistakes can not be made. How good would it be to smoke the Storm?

We'll be taking them out of their comfort zone and with them having a few Origin contenders they may be distracted by next week's match. If we step it up we may just shell shock them. A lot of fans will be super keen to see a strong performance.

Footy aside, I did want to touch on Greg Inglis for a moment. I am proud of him. He is a man, a big burley man who plays a game where you need to be tough. His honesty has shown guts and courage. He is human, contrary to how the media show him, and by asking for help I am convinced he has just saved, helped and inspired many others to also reach out. What he has done here to help others is beside the point. Individually I hope he pulls through soon and moves out of this rut he is in. I just hope he knows how proud he has made many many people. We are with you Greg!

When times are tough you look for the positives. For me that is those two colours... Red and Green! Go get 'em Bunnies!

Up the Mighty Rabbitohs!

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