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A Member's Perspective - Building something special

After toppling the St George Illawarra Dragons super supporter Jamie Lee Dixon believes there is something special building at the South Sydney Rabbitohs. 

Putting the pieces together


Do you get the feeling that we are at the beginning of building something special? We have a team with endless possibilities and every week we are seeing them place another piece to the puzzle.

Saint George has a team of 'WOW's' with Graham, Hunt, Simms, Widdop and Frizell all coming out firing this season but we still beat them!

We beat them from the time we took the field. We beat them all over the field, we beat them at their own game. The pace was set by us and we were solid in every position.


We have the ability and the agility


I do not mean to dwell, but the twins are absolutely perfecting their roles this season. Angus was working, working and working against the Dragons and rediscovered his attacking spark.

Big Sammy made the game without a report and took home some brilliant stats. Cody Walker is that slippery player who you cannot give an inch. 

We are a really worrying side for any opposition that takes us on. Players we missed after 2014 like T'eo and McQueen have finally been replaced. Sutto and Angus are quality players who have the agility and the ability to put points on the board, and when they have Sam alongside them, the only word that comes to mind is formidable.

Then we have Murray to replace them when they need a rest. These men are making a huge difference this year. They do the hard work. They make the most tackles, assist with hit-ups and keep the defence off Reynolds.

Our backline impresses me. To have Inglis and Gagai fairly (and I do mean only a tad) quiet is a blessing. We are racking up points charging up the middle, which sees our halves weave their magic and heading out wide with speed.

Johnston has shaken off his injury and settled at the back quite well. I have noticed he is very vocal and even a little bossy at times and I love it! He has the hunger to win games!


Something's cooking


The man for me though is Cook! I saw a social media post say that he is predictable. I had a laugh. If he is so predictable then how is it that he makes so many metres?

I am an Issac Luke fan from way back and have struggled to be happy with our hookers since he left us but Cook has sold me. He is clean and sleek, cheeky but clever and can slice open the defence anywhere on the park.

He is fit and having an 80-minute hooker gives our big guys another man on the bench. I really hope he is called up for Origin because he has been patient and worked bloody hard for his number.


Don't stand in our way


So where to next? North Queensland! We have won a few pearlers up there. The Cowboys have taken a backwards step this season and have not hit their straps.

We are favourites, we have momentum and we have the ability, we just need to bring the two points home. The way we are heading this season makes me quietly confident but this game is full of surprises so we cannot get too cocky.

I hope we continue the fast starts and clock up some quick points, it is an 80-minute game but when a team flies out like we did last week, you just know the boys have shown up!

We keep this build up steady and we will turn heads. We shocked the Dragons, we shocked ourselves! Now it is time to shock the NRL because the Rabbitohs are coming! Up the Mighty Rabbitohs!


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