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A Fan’s Perspective – Doing the jersey proud…

This year I have been pretty quiet on the Rabbitohs front. Not because we have it covered and not because we haven't but because every week they leave me in shock, I never want to jinx this momentum.

Early on I said that this is a long season that we will chip away at slowly and climb to the top of the table and I got roasted on social media, as we hadn't started off too strong. Well I am here to say, we have gone from the very bottom to the very top and have picked off each team while building a team that is looking the goods.

After every game there is a funny feeling of shock, accomplishment and this 'can do' feeling. Not that I ever thought we were a bad team, but from last year to where we are now is pretty damn amazing!

We didn't do it by buying Cronk, or Hayne, or changing our team much at all really. What we did do is secure the structure and let it set. We have set like Araldite and these boys are clearly showing that we are a formidable TEAM.

We knew it last year, we just had to get it right. We always hear about the 'spine' of a team. Which is one of those terms to me that drives me a little mad. Our spine is fab... but without arms, legs and muscle your spine can not do much. Our muscle is kicking some serious butt. I can not fault those big guys.

Our arms, the wingers and centres have been entertaining and solid! Even players like Sutton, who you would think would be stepping away from the lime light, is nothing short of brilliant. He is one special man and his performances this year would shock his rookie self. Our entire team has pulled it together and it is a pleasure to witness.

To me, personally, Cook has been my favourite so far though. To take that honour away from Sammy Burgess is a feat in itself! But I have always been a fan of the number 9 position, and Cook is delivering superbly. I believe this is the player who controls the pace and Cook is not only doing this well, but he picks and chooses his runs with ease. If there isn't a Rabbitohs game in 2018 without a Cook break, then I'll be damned.

So right now we are in a pretty good place. We know we can beat the Dragons, and they seem to be the team to beat. We are on nine wins in a row. A loss will come, but when? We have Melbourne in a few weeks who are in the unusual position of seeing Cameron Smith fresh as a daisy after not taking part in Origin. They didn't drop any games this year because of Origin players not backing up so that will be an interesting match up.

It is almost like we are on a billy cart that is freshly built by a father and son, and they have set off down the hill and the wheels start off slow, build their pace with ease, hit the drop and then the wheels start to shake a little.... here is when the cart could veer off the road, or gather itself again, find its rhythm and take on that hill like a boss.

Our loss will come, but once we get over those shaky wheels we will hit the finals smoothly and confidently. Watching the Bulldogs game, the commentators were giving us a little stick for starting off rusty. In games like this I keep thinking to Melbourne, they never start a game off hot. They warm up to the game and chip and grind and then deliver.... we are this team but with flare. Jennings, Johnston, Walker, Reynolds! Such fun players to watch.

I am so excited to see what is next. This is a team that could go down as brilliant. If they pull it off this year it will not be a rabbit out of a hat, it will be from determination, sportsmanship and hard work. I am actually pretty proud of this team and really really want them to succeed.

They are doing us and the jersey proud and that is everything we ask of our team. Go get em boys! Up the mighty Rabbitohs.


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