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30 years a Rabbitoh

Going into his 30th year as a Rabbitoh in 2018, Club chiropractor Terry Coulits has seen it all unfold in South Sydney.

Growing up as a Rabbitohs supporter and playing as a Souths junior, Mr Coulits began working with the Club in 1989, which he looks back fondly on.

“I started working with Souths in 1989 and it was a perfect year to start working with the Club.” said Club Chiropractor, Mr. Coulits.

Club chiropractor Terry Coultis

“I started working with Souths in 1989 and it was a perfect year to start working with the Club.”

Having been with the Club for three decades, Mr Coulits has seen many highs and lows for the Red and Green but says the emotional moments are what keeps him coming back.

“As the Club’s chiropractor and on field trainer, I enjoy just seeing the players go through all the emotions, the ups and downs, the players who get dropped, the players who get debuts.

“These days it’s different, as the players aren’t as tied into the Club, but the supporters still follow that old way of supporting and the atmosphere and emotions you get off that is irreplaceable,” he added.

“Every year you have a renewed enthusiasm for a better season and I love being around the club and staff and friendships obviously. Once you get a taste for it you want more success for the Club.”

Of course, when asked about his most memorable Souths moments, Mr Coulits had one vividly on his mind.


“One of the, if not the most, memorable moment was 2014 when we won the Grand Final,” said Mr Coulits.


Club chiropractor Terry Coultis

“I waited 25 years and thought, am I ever going to see another Grand Final with the Club? Fortunately I did, and I was even luckier to see and be part of the win so that was a big moment.”

However, despite witnessing his boyhood club win a Premiership close up, Mr Coultis has one moment that out ranks them all.

“My proudest moment with the Club was in 2015 when I was awarded as a life member of the SSRLFC at the Club’s AGM,” said Mr Coultis.

“Having worked at the Club for 25 years and following on from the Premiership victory the year before was a special moment and one that I will never forget.”


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