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Courtney Tallon

Playing oz tag in the park, I wouldn't have dreamed of it. I moved to Australia in 2011 and have found a second family in sport. The Rabbitohs, the Grand Old Club, is leading the pathway development for young women in league. It's a club - and a family - with a proud history and a bright future. It's humbling to be a part of the ride.

Courtney Tallon

Player profile

Name: Courtney Tallon

Date of Birth: 31/05/1989

Place of birth: Toms River, New Jersey, United States

Height: 163cm

Weight: 70kg

Position: Wing / Utility

Instagram: ctallon

Nickname: Courts / Kotere

Work/Study: B.A., History, University of Colorado at Boulder, Facilities Manager at Wylie's Baths in Coogee

When did you start playing Rugby League? 2016

How did you start playing Rugby League? Started playing social oz tag

What are your goals in Rugby League? To be a consistent, reliable, and effective player for my teammates

What advice would you give junior girls and boys wanting to play Rugby League? Firstly, have fun and enjoy the game, the challenge, and playing with your friends. Secondly, there is nothing that happens on the football field that can't be related back to life: work hard, respect your adversaries, be there for your mates - you'll find success. Rugby league is the best fun but it will also make you a stronger, more resilient person if you let it.

Who has been the biggest influence on your career? I've had the good fortune of crossing paths with one or two tough but fair mentors and friends that have helped me immensely to develop as a player and a person.