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EPPD Coach & Staff Professional Development

We welcome staff who are respectful, hard-working and willing to challenge the accepted norm. We ask that you enjoy yourself, support your fellow staff and your players and reach out for assistance if ever you need it.


Individual non-negotiable targets around core skill development


Elite coaching mentors for positional specific groups


Starts with ME. Don’t tell me what doesn’t work, show me what does work. ACTIONS


Education of Rabbitohs way – people before players. They leave our programme resilient men.


Triple ‘H’ – Hark work, Honesty, Humility.



  • Respects and acknowledges the players’ code and pillars
  • Adopts a holistic approach
  • Vertically aligns Rabbitoh pathways
  • Is transparent and communicates effectively
  • Creates a supportive environment
  • Respects the past to create the future
  • Accepts responsibility and does their job
  • Wins our way, the Rabbitoh way


  • Unite HP Coaches with an Integrated and coordinated approach to coaching “The Rabbitoh Way”. This is ultimately in the best interests of all players within the club.
  • Provide a whole club (and district) coaching network that develops best practices and in turn provides players with best-coaching methods, education and support.
  • Continuous development in preparation, game and training strategies – Providing a detailed explanation and practical examples of best practice, incorporating the ‘big picture', starting point and sequential framework.
  • Reinforce the coaching of basic fundamentals vs winning pathways related competitions.
  • Instil confidence in our coaches by providing resources and developing a communication and specialist support network which is live and ongoing not just before the start of pre-season.
  • Develop and implement elite coaching pathways incorporating ongoing profiling, benchmarking and professional development of identified coaches.
  • Assist the development of a pool of players identified for future NRL squad Selection.