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Jaxson's "Moonwalking" Try vs Cody's Grand Final Fend

We have paired up some of the moments that shaped our incredible 2021 season, both on the field and off it, brought to you by Ingenia Holidays!

Heat Eight

Jaxson Moonwalks into the Grand Final

Preliminary Final vs Manly 

It's a moment that will be replayed in highlight reels for many years to come. After going up and taking a bomb, Jaxson came down with his back turned towards the line. In a moment of pure brilliance, rather than turning around, Jaxson jogged backwards to score the NRL's very first moonwalk try. ICONIC.

Jaxson Moonwalks into the Grand Final

Cody Walker's Grand Final Fend 

Grand Final vs Panthers

During the NRL Grand Final, Walker delivered a HUGE don't argue on Nathan Cleary, stepped a defender and charged over line. It will definitely be remembered as one of Walker's all-time solo tries! 

Cody's Grand Final Fend Off