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Souths Cares Liverpool Opportunity Hub Teams Up With Belgravia Leisure

The Liverpool Opportunity Hub has teamed up with Belgravia Leisure to create a range of opportunities for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students within the Liverpool Local Government Area.

Opportunity Hub staff have been focusing on supporting employment opportunities for program participants, delivering training courses and promoting physical activity within the Whitlam Centre, which is operated by Belgravia Leisure.

The first school holiday program was hosted at the Whitlam Centre last week, with students coming together in a positive and structured environment to participate in activities including Volleyball, Basketball, Table Tennis and Swimming followed by a lunch with the Souths Cares team. 

Cooper Stephens, Year 12 student from Patrician Brothers College Fairfield said he enjoyed the holiday program.

“It was a great day at the Whitlam Centre, I enjoyed playing all the indoor sport which was available to us," Stephens said.

"It was a good mix of games and we had a good laugh with each other, followed by a mad feed.”

Tanika Hickey, Year 10 student from Ashcroft High School also took part in the holiday program and said it was great to meet new friends.

“It was good to get to know some of the other guys and girls from other schools who participate in the Souths Cares program," Huckey said.

"We enjoyed playing sport together and we all had a good yarn.”

Belgravia Leisure has also provided ten memberships as an incentive for participants of the Liverpool Opportunity Hub program who have shown improvement in their school attendance and attitude towards education.

Kelly Pulevaka, Liverpool Opportunity Hub Program Coordinator said these memberships would be well received.

“It’s important we recognise the achievements of our program participants, particularly with everything they have endured in 2020,” Pulevaka said.

“An all-inclusive membership to the Whitlam Centre is the perfect way to reward their resilience and determination to do well in school, even during uncertain times.”

The initiative will be expanded throughout 2021, with the Liverpool Opportunity Hub working with two other Belgravia Leisure sites located in Carnes Hill and Miller to ensure program participants have access to a wide range of programs and employment opportunities.

The Liverpool Opportunity Hub is supported by Training Services NSW and provides education, training, employment and cultural support for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students within the Liverpool Local Government Area.

For more information, please contact Program Coordinator Kelly Pulevaka -