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Get behind the Rabbitohs Movember men and help grow the conversation

A cause that is close to our hearts here at South Sydney, Movember presents the opportunity to raise money and awareness for the battles men face around mental health, prostate and testicular cancer.

Unfortunately there is still a stigma associated around getting check-ups or asking for help, so by encouraging conversation and awareness around these issues, Movember aims to reduce the number of men dying prematurely by 25% by 2030.

Rabbitohs player Mark Nicholls, former Rabbitohs Captain and current Rabbitohs Board Member Michael Andrews and Rabbitohs Staff Member Erick Calderon have all been doing their part this month to help raise money.

For Michael Andrews, fundraising in his ninth consecutive year, this is an issue that is close to home after he was diagnosed with testicular cancer 15 years ago.

"My wife is a nurse and I had a bit of a scare after I found a lump back in 2005," said Mr Andrews.

"I was lucky and didn't have to undergo chemo and after cutting it out it never came back, but I had check-ups every three months."

Former Rabbitohs Captain, Michael Andrews
Former Rabbitohs Captain, Michael Andrews

A former Rabbitohs hardman, Andrews captained the Club in the late 1980s, an era where being "tough" was showing you were not hurt but says the conversation has grown, and is still a space where we can do more.

"It's about removing the stigma," said Mr Andrews.

"As males we're pretty self aware with what's happening down there so we should also do the responsible thing and get checked up."

Andrews is sporting the "Crab" stache this year.

Michael Andrews
Michael Andrews

"I have called it the crab because if you look closely, the top lip is the body and then the claw curls under, without joining."

Since 2009, Andrews has raised over $6,200. Click here to donate to Michael's cause.

Mark Nicholls is also a long-time Movember advocate having raised over $3,500 since 2012 and is sporting the hairy upper lip once again.

"Mental health is a big issue in this country and men speaking up about their problems is becoming less taboo because of campaigns like Movember," Mr Nicholls said.

"I also want to help raise money to find cures for testicular and prostate cancer and overall do my bit for men's health."

He is currently $250 shy of his target and you can click here to help him reach it!

Mark Nicholls
Mark Nicholls

Erick Calderon, staff member at the South Sydney Rabbitohs is participating in his first Movember, running 60km over the course of the month to raise awareness while also growing his mo.

Just like Michael and Mark, Erick wants to encourage the conversation where something as simple as asking your mate how he is going, can go a long way.

"It's about changing the meaning of 'man up' and letting people know it's OK to reach out," said Mr Calderon.

Erick Calderon
Erick Calderon

So far Erick has raised $560 of his $750 target and has run 40km of his 60km target.

Click here to learn more or donate to Erick's cause.