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Australian Story: Beating the Blues with GI

Greg Inglis is renowned as one of the best rugby league players to ever lace up a boot, but what not everybody knows is the constant battle he faces with his Mental Health.

Greg sits down with ABC's 'Australian Story' to uncover his career, both on and off the field, including the struggles he faced and how he pulled himself out of there.

As a youngster Greg confesses he could have gone down a very different path, had it not been for the support of close family and friends.

He also proves that, despite how successful you are and may look from the outside, you could be suffering in silence. It's Greg's passion to help those suffering and encourage healthy dialogue around this issue; because he is a living example of somebody who at their lowest point, can claw their way out of the darkness.

Greg talks about the importance routine and good balance has on his life. Whether it's spending time with his partner Alyse on the stables, helping the next generation of footballers come through or launching his own mental health program; Playing football was only a small part of Greg Inglis' story.

Watch the full episode on ABC by clicking here.