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Rabbitohs Top Moments - The Panelists give their take on the next few match ups of round two

After dissecting the first few match ups of round two, Rabbitohs experts are back to provide their take on the next few head-to-heads as we get closer and closer to crowning the Suttons Top Moment!

Don't forget though, it's not their opinion that matters - its yours! Only YOU have the power to vote for your favourite moment, to help it move along to the next round.

Rabbitohs Top Moments Panel:

Jeremy Monahan Rabbitohs Media and Communications Manager
Damien Batty Rabbitohs Burrow Member no #676280
Brad Ryder and Michael Curin Rabbitohs Historians
Lars Roy Digital Content Producer

Holmes à Court and Crowe's Privatisation (2006) vs Sam Burgess Runs Over the Top of SBW (2013)

Top Moments - Holmes à Court and Crowe's Privatisation 2006

Jeremy's Pick: The Club's Privatisation

I don’t think I’ve had a more emotional day in my 18 years at South Sydney, than 19 March 2006. There was a long build up to the vote that day and no one quite knew how it was all going to pan out.

I was charged with taking the Board meeting minutes at this time and had sat in on some important Board meetings in the lead up. I took the minutes of the EGM that day as well, noting the comments of the 50 speakers as well as the Board led by Nicholas Pappas.

The 'Yes' vote got up by only 16 votes and changed the fortunes of our Club forever.

Damien's Pick: The Club's Privatisation

There have been many significant events in our Club's history; the glory years, Sattler's jaw, Sammy's cheekbone, Roosters poaching our players, expulsion, re-entry, but the 'Yes' vote was significant in paving Souths' way into the modern era.

Top Moments - Sam Runs Over the Top of SBW

Michael's Pick: The Club's Privatisation

We can never forget the contribution George Piggins made to this grand old club, firstly as a player and then as an administrator. But the NRL is a performance-based business and I was like most other fans sick of seeing this proud Club sitting at the bottom of the ladder.

A change was needed to bring us in line with other clubs and I have no doubt that if we didn’t have this change when we did, there would be no Premiership number 21.

Lars' Pick: The Club's Privatisation

I have to agree with the other panelists. I had just started year seven at Marcellin College Randwick at the time. Being on the border of Roosters and Rabbitohs territory, I remember it was the talk of the playground all week.

I must admit I probably didn't understand the magnitude of the decision until some years later. Now currently working for the Club I see firsthand how influential it's been for the playing group, staff, Members and also for amplifying the Rabbitohs brand as a whole.

Next up on the list we have:

Rabbitohs visit the Dalai Lama (2013) vs Must-win run of form (1955)

Top Moments - Rabbitohs visit the Dalai Lama

Jeremy's Pick: Must-win run of form

I was present when Roy Asotasi and Nathan Merritt were blessed by His Holiness the Dalai Lama, however I could not go past the efforts of the 1955 team to give our Club it’s famous ‘Miracle of ‘55’.

To have been in such a dire situation on the ladder and to be led out by greats such as Clive Churchill and Jack Rayner must have a been a fantastic feeling for supporters of our Club at the time. We are our history and this is a defining moment when we talk about the ‘South Sydney Spirit.’

Damien's Pick: Must-win run of form

This team must have inspired Hollywood screen writers. Coming from last on the ladder, stringing 11 in a row to win the grand final speaks volumes of the never-say-die spirit our Club has. Inspirational.

Top Moments - Must-Win Run of Form - 1955

Brad's Pick: Must-win run of form

I believe the 1955 must-win moment beats the visit to the Dalai Lama (even though he blessed the current team). The run of 11 straight wins is legendary in the game.

Lars' Pick: Rabbitohs visit the Dalai Lama

I'm going to mix it up and go with the visit to His Holiness. I can't discredit how hard it would've been to win 11 in a row to eventually claim the Premiership back in '55, but it's also not every day you see the Dalai Lama!

I think the fact that he blessed the Rabbitohs for a Premiership, then the following year they go and break the 43-year old drought is pretty special in it's own way!

Next up on the list we have:

Cameron Murray shuts down Billy Smith (2019) vs Clive Churchill's Debut (1947)

Top Moments - Murray Shuts down Smith

Jeremy's Pick: Clive Churchill's Debut

Another nod to the grand history of our Club. I don’t want to think about the gaping hole that would be left in the narrative of our Club’s history if it did not contain the Little Master.

Reports say he redefined the role of fullback and some regard him as the greatest of all time. Everyone has to make their debut at some stage and that day against Newtown kicked off the career of one of the original Immortals and potentially the greatest Rabbitoh of all time.

Damien's Pick: Clive Churchill's Debut

Who could have predicted the incredible influence and impact Clive would have on our Club and our game? Arguably one of the greatest and thankfully this Novocastrian made his home at South Sydney.

Top Moments - Churchill Debuts for Souths

Michael's Pick: Clive Churchill's Debut

Churchill almost immediately fitted perfectly into the distinctive ethos of the Club and into their traditional free-flowing style of play, to shine like none before him at fullback. Despite his small size, he honed a lethal attacking technique to transform the fullback’s role and at the same time took on the beefiest of forwards in defence.

For those of us who never saw this remarkable legend play, all we have left are the comments and stories from his peers and to me the best one of all was made by the Roosters legend Ray Stehr, when he said: “I never saw Dally Messenger [‘The Master’] play, but I have seen the Little Master.”

Lars' Pick: Clive Churchill's Debut

Another clean-sweep from the panelists for this one. Yes Murray's play was a game-winner and while it was a pretty unassuming debut for the littler Master; little did anybody know at the time, it would kick-start a magical career.

I would have loved to have seen Clive Churchill play. From all reports he was a once in a lifetime player - an out-and-out winner and most importantly a true gentleman.

Next up on the list we have:

Inglis, Burgess and Sutton inducted as Life Members (2020) vs John Sattler's heroics in the 1970 Grand Final 

Top Moments - Sutton, Burgess and GI Become Life Members

Jeremy's Pick: Sattler's heroics in the 1970 Grand Final

This is one of the most iconic images of our Club’s and our sport’s history. The courage shown by John Sattler that day to play 77 minutes in the front row with a shattered jaw, is just about incomparable.

The only thing that I can think of that comes close is Sam Burgess’ performance in the 2014 Grand Final. John is an absolute gentleman. I have had the honour of meeting and conversing with him and his son Scott many times and he is a true giant of the Rabbitohs.

Damien's Pick: Sattler's heroics in the 1970 Grand Final

Songs were written about it, this is up there as one of the most incredible events in our Club's history. From a hit that would have sent the offender to jail and any mortal to hospital, Satts played out the grand final with a jaw literally flapping.

Personally one of my favourite events in any sporting discipline.

Top Moments - Sattler's Broken Jaw

Brad's Pick: Sattler's heroics in the 1970 Grand Final

Sattler's 1970 broken jaw wins here in my opinion. It inspired the team to victory.

He told his players "don't let them know I'm hurt."

One of the game's greatest images, just like the Provan-Summons iconic scene.

Lars' Pick: Inglis, Burgess and Sutton inducted as Life Members

No doubt John Sattler's heroics of the 1970 grand final goes down in rugby league folklore. Why I'm going with the 2014 grand final trio's induction into Life Membership though, is because I followed and saw firsthand the impact they had on the Club both on and off the field.

They continue to lead the way for emerging talent and are role models in the wider community. Modern day legends and pretty handy footballers in their own right!

I was present that day they were inducted and something Chairman Nick Pappas said, really stuck with me. He said, "We don't win 2014 without Greg, Sam and John."

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