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On This Day: The Club was Privatised

On this day in 2006, the Crowe and Holmes à Court era had officially begun.

In a ceremony on Wednesday, June 6, 2006, at the Sydney Town Hall, chairman Nick Pappas handed over the keys to Peter Holmes à Court.

Then at a function held at the Blue Hotel Woolloomooloo to celebrate the occasion the following night, Peter Holmes à Court gave South Sydney a cheque for $3 million.

Top Moments - Holmes à Court and Crowe's Privatisation 2006

In the lead up...

Their plan was to buy 75% of ordinary shares through a company called Black Court League Investments Pty Ltd with the remaining 25% being shared by the Football Club members, called Member Co. The cost of the ownership of the 75% majority would be $3 million and the members would vote on Sunday, March 19: Yes or No.

It was revealed that of the 4,505 members eligible to vote 3,942 had voted. The result was 2,988 voted ‘Yes’ and 954 voted ‘No’, meaning that Crowe and Holmes à Court succeeded in getting the required 75% of the votes – they actually reached 75.8%, with a mere 32 votes deciding the outcome.