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Greg Inglis Solo Try vs Neil Baker Solo Try

Two individual tries - both absolute crackers! But only one can move on. Which will it be? Have your say now!

Greg Inglis Solo Try Round 8, 2014 vs Broncos

Top Moments - GI's Solo Try v Broncos

Round 8, 2014. Broncos vs Rabbitohs

Have you ever seen an individual effort quite like it? Greg Inglis beat half the team!

Decisiveness, evasion, a turn of speed! It was the perfect combo of footy smarts and raw, uncoachable talent.

Little side fact, this game was Alex Johnston's debut who also scored a great try in the corner off a Reynolds' chip kick!

Neil Baker Try vs Manly, 1986

Top Moments - Baker's Brilliance

Round 25, 1986. Souths take on old rivals, Manly.

After hitting the ball at speed off a Phil Gould short ball sheer instinct took over for Neil Baker.

The composure to delicately kick the ball at speed, maintain his balance and then the put down!

A truly Memorable try.